My doctor says that results of Varicocele surgery are poor and I should opt for a test tube baby. What should I do?

Before the technique of Cremasteric disruption as advocated by Dr. Parag Shah, the results of Varicocele surgery were poor with the associated morbidity of surgery. However the technique of Cremasteric disruption with venous ligation has high success rates and almost nil morbidity.
A ‘cost per delivery’ analysis in the USA revealed that Varicocelectomy is three times more effective than Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).
Not only that even the European experience estimated it is seven times more cost-effective.
In India Varicocelectomy could be ten to twenty times more cost-effective than ICSI. Besides infertile men can expand their reproductive option after surgery and no further treatment is required for subsequent pregnancy.
Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART/ IVF/ ICSI/ Test tube Baby) does not allow natural selection of genetic material. There are stray reports of increased congenital abnormalities in babies born by ART. Besides long-term effects of ART are still unknown. In conclusion, our results are our best advocates for suggesting the further course of treatment.